taonga the island farm game free online-Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

taonga the island farm game free online-Taonga Island Adventure: Farm
taonga the island farm game free online
Size:taonga the island farm game free online-Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

taonga the island farm game free online A mysterious letter from your long-lost uncle leads you to a place that you thought existed only in your dreams: the Taonga Archipelago!There, you will not only meet new friends, build a flourishing farm, explore the wild jungle and discover ancient mysteries, but also find a great destiny that only you can fulfill!Yes, that’s right, this is your opportunity to settle in on this beautiful adventure island. This is your story - grow a village that pleases your eye, build a barn to store your crops, and roll out the green pastures to roll onto the horizon. Join this exciting island-building adventure today!Download this amazing farm game and try a castaway life that can lead to a dream lifestyle. Extend your lands to maintain a productive and big farm that can feed the whole island. Are you ready for true island survival? Now you are one of the islanders with no way out! The lush tropical greenery holds wondrous secrets and rich treasures that are yours for the taking – if you're brave enough. Explore the magic island and find all its secret gems.Get on your explorer’s hat and discover lost island mysteries and exploration opportunities, as well as the tropical area perfect for land farming. It’s time to build a village and enjoy the perfect farm life! Plant and harvest crops under the hot equatorial sun, pick juicy fruits, breed animals, and get yourself a whole flock of chickens and grow calves into a herd of milk cows.In this island game, the success of your farming life depends on your skills in agriculture. You own a farm that should become bigger, giving you an opportunity to grow a village out of nothing.Get to know the friendly people of the native tribe and the various newcomers, some of whom are there to help or take you on wonderful adventures... while others might have other interests in mind!After all, it’s more fun to farm together! The village life is thriving on this paradise island, which makes it a perfect and fun place for an adventure.Put to good use all the harvested crops and collected materials: craft useful goods and trade with neighbouring villages to increase your fortune and get rare artefacts.Turn your surroundings into a truly happy family island, where every farmer is welcome. This paradise will be your handiwork!Remember that destiny we've talked about? The whirlwind of exciting events sweeps you up right after you set foot on your new island, and it will take all your attention, courage, and skill to keep up!That’s right, you’re not alone on this deserted island. The local tribe you’ll come to meet will require compromise, affecting your farming strategy. Build an island that is true envy to its neighbours and engage in an adventure that will give you hours after hours of fun! The Taonga Adventure game awaits!Are you going to stay on the lost island and use its farmland to get back to normal life? You choose! Embark on the fantastic odyssey that's been waiting for you your whole life in this island game!——Uploaded by the user

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Download Taonga Island Adventure: Farm 1.17.11+4473 MOD APK for Android, com.volka.taonga

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taonga the island farm game free online Taonga Island Adventure: Farm

  • Version:1.17.11+4473 _ Size:16.8MB
  • Category:Simulation _ Publisher:Volka Entertainment Limited
  • Requirements:Andriod 5.0+ _ Publish Date:07/07/2022
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